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Gakko ni shiraseru no dake wa yamete kuremasenka.

What does it mean? 

Feb 24, 2018 12:46 PM
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・「学校に知らせるのだけは、止めてくれませんか」Gakko ni shiraseru no dake wa yamete kuremasenka.
 The last thing that I want you to do is to let our teacher know.

・「学校に知らせるのは、止めてくれませんか」Gakko ni shiraseru nowa yamete kuremasenka.
 Please don't let our teacher know.

February 25, 2018

Firstable, Gakkouni shiraseru wa 

is an incorrect Japanese. You should say Gakkouni shiraseru no wa, or shiraserukoto wa.

Dake means only. The sentence means Only I dont want you to do is to report it to my school.

It implies you can report to the police or else.

On the other hand Gakkouni shiraseru nowa yamete kuremasenka doesnt stress on Gakkou.

February 25, 2018

Gakko ni shiraseru wa yamete kuremasenka.

Gakko ni shiraseru no dake wa yamete kuremasenka.

What is the difference?

February 25, 2018
This sentence is told by a student or the student's parents who damaged something or someone.
In English, Would you please not to report this to my school or my child's school?

If it were reported the student would be punished by the school.
February 24, 2018

I need contents but basically it means, "Please don't tell the teacher."

gakkoni = to school, to the teachers at school

shiraseru = let them know

dakewa= only, at least

yamete=stop, don't

kuremasenka = please

You can go to Q&A section on italki. Some professional teachers could answer it.

February 24, 2018
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