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Thomas Frederick Lim
"Sto Visitando" & "Visito" - How do you use them? I am starting out in learning Italian. So, by the way, how do you say "I'm visiting Italy soon" in Italian?

I checked the Google translator and it says "Sto visitando l'italia presto". Is this correct? Is there another way to say it?

I know that "visito" means "i visit" and "visitare" means " to visit". One is the conjugated form and the other is the infinitive form (dictonary form). How do you construct a sentence like "I'm visiting Italy soon"?

Please help. :)

P.s. this is strange... I couldn't select "Italian" on this discussion topic option, so I select Spanish instead..... wonder why the options are so limited...

Feb 24, 2018 2:31 PM
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The exact traslation is "Visiterò l'Italia prossimamente". But the verb "visitare" is a little formal, in Italian everyday we say "Andrò in Italia prossimamente"

"Sto visitando" means you are in Italy in this moment. To express the idea of the future in italian you have to use the time future 

February 24, 2018
"Presto visiterò l'Italia". "Visiterò" is the first person singular of the future tense ("futuro semplice") of the indicative mood. "Sto visitando" is the progressive present form, it is used for something you are doing now ("adesso sto rispondendo alla tua domanda" = "now I'm answering your question").
February 24, 2018
Visitó is present Now I visit Londres
Visitaré is future I'll visit México.
February 24, 2018
What's the difference? I know that Italy has plenty of dialects, but is this part of the influence?
February 24, 2018
For me is "Visitaré pronto Italia"
February 24, 2018
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