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Lost opportunities for love
We all know love is something special and important, but can we really count the sacrifices and opportunities that we have lost in the name of love ? Sometimes I hear, I had a job opportunity in Japan, China, Australia, etc but I can't go there for fear of getting away from people I love (family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife). We all have at least one person around us who has been confronted with this or maybe ourselves. Will you sacrifice a job opportunity in the name of love?
My opinion on this problem is, love in certain circumstances can be a real obstacle to our career, but this obstacle may be necessary to be happy. So by love I would definitely sacrifice a job opportunity, but of course it will be worth it. What would you do if you should move away from the person you love for the job you have always dreamed of ?
Sometimes we can have both but sometimes not so what would you do  ?
Feb 24, 2018 2:59 PM
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That is a hard situation to make decision. i don't love anybody but i depend on my family emotionally. education and job are important for me. i have some wild dreams and i cant access to them easily. i talk and think about them every day. if i had an opportunity to have my favorite job, i will choose it. i would leave my family. i am sure i wouldn't be happy completely but i am sure if i reject it , i wont forgive myself never and it would be a regret for ever. the love and sadness will be replace by the excitement of new challenge.

February 24, 2018

February 24, 2018
If the love is genuine and pure I think nothing can prevent the person from continuing and dreaming in life, when I love someone I feel his happiness and I truly wish him the highest rank among people so it would be a terrible discrepancy in my situation if I showed prevention to his way of success instead of helping him to chase and track his goals. Otherwise I see this life is revolving around some chances that await our catching up. 
March 22, 2018
Think about why you are eager to grab a good work in the employment market with no regard to your family then you will understand what you need to do when you are facing dilemma between beloved ones and the work. 
March 22, 2018
Hmmmmmmm It is a vert deep issue to discuss but I will try to elaborate my point of view as much as possible

At the beginning we can define love as a deep attachment emotionally to other person which makes you think most time about him and feel always longing to hear see him. It is a special attention to one person. You want good and happiness for him and ready to sacrifice for him

When it comes to travel for work and leave this person I know it's a hard feeling because it's like a temporary loss to the primary source of happiness to you. But sometimes you need to travel to afford life commitments which is a portion of this happiness you can't overlook, so in this case the most beneficial should manage this matter without considering to the heart break. If the other person can understand that you are working. Insisting on traveling to fulfil mutual interest so you are a lucky person. Love brings happiness but love without money would be wasting to your times. Because life doesn't revolve around love.but achieving goals as well
February 24, 2018
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