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Bill Kelly
Questions about Vodičkova Street

1. I believe the nominative form is "Vodičkova ulice". Is that correct?  
2. The word "ulice" is feminine singular. Correct?  
3. What kind of word is "Vodičkova"? Is it a noun or an adjective?  
4. Does the word mean anything? Is it the name of a person?  
5. Suppose I want to say "on Vodičkova Street", using the preposition "ve". What case follows "ve"? Is it locative? 
6. How do I modify the words after "ve"? Is it "ve Vodičkově ulici"?  
7. Instead of "ve", can I also use "na"? What is the new phrase with "na"?

Feb 24, 2018 5:02 PM
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1. Correct

2. Correct

3. Adjective

4. It is called after the name of the historian of czech literature Felix Vodička

5. Correct

6. Correct

7. No

February 24, 2018

After the Wikipedia:
Vodička (feminine Vodičková) is a Czech and Slovak surname

The word 'Vodičkova' means 'of Vodička' or 'Vodička's'. I don't speak Czech so I'm not sure if they treat it as adjective or noun in Genitive case (like it would be in Polish: 'ulica Vodiczki').

Nobody answered until now, so I decided to write my guess and I hope native speakers will answer you soon. 

February 24, 2018
Dík, Maria!
March 3, 2018

There are different rules for soft adjectives, hard adjectives and posssesive adjectives.

Vodičkova ulice: Vodičkova = possessive adjective

ve Vodičkově ulici

Dlouhá ulice: Dlouhá = hard adjective

v Dlouhé ulici

March 3, 2018
Dík. One more question. My grammar book tells me that that locative feminine singular ending for an adjective is -é rather than ě. So why is it not Vodičkové? (If I want to say, for example, "on a long street" is it "v dlouhé ulici"or is it "v dlouhě ulici"?)
February 24, 2018
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