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Trying to find new friends I believe that I can make a better world...

I don’t have every money of world to resolve some real problem...

But I believe I can do more than this.. I can be collaborative helping people learn another language. Why not?

More than money, this powerful idea has more value than every treasure of this world because the knowledge can be share with more people and more people can share with another friends creating the huge network of language learners ! It’s awesome !

What do I ask of you ? Please help improving my conversation and I’ll help you too... Help to do make world better !

Come on ! Let’s start ?

Thanks for reading and have nice day !

24 فبراير 2018 21:40
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That's a nice philosophy.

Here's a tip: in English, we say that we want to make the world better (not "do").

I hope this helps. :)

I know the difference between "make" and "do" is hard for English learners.

25 فبراير 2018
You have high spirit bro. Keep it up and collaborate more with needy people. Your great thinking worth hard work to be compatible with your goals
25 فبراير 2018
Thanks Anne !!!
25 فبراير 2018
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