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whats the difference? whats the difference between these verbs in french?????:

se coucher


se reposer

Feb 25, 2018 8:02 AM
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I'm not a native speaker either, but I agree with Kendall that the three French verbs mean go to bed, fall asleep, and rest respectively.

What I do feel I need to point out, while I'm here, is an obvious mistake in your English. Your question should be this:

What's the difference between these verbs in French?

English learners often make the mistake of thinking that the expression is What's the different. This is wrong, and is also an error which no native English speaker would make.

Now, according to your profile, you are a native English speaker. It's entirely up to you what you choose to call yourself.  But please remember that there are hundreds of English learners here who'll see your profile and will presume that your English is correct.  It's not fair on other italki members to mislead them in this way.

February 25, 2018

Hi there! 

I am not a native French speaker but have a very high level. 

My understanding is the following: 

Se coucher: to go to bed  

S'endormir: to fall asleep 

Se reposer: to rest 

I hope this helps, and native speakers feel free to correct me! 

February 25, 2018
kia.manafi :  you're either a native speaker or you're not ;  you're clearly not, and you shouldn't be falsely presenting yourself as one.
February 26, 2018
dear su ki it was just a typed error

no need to judge and being this tough thou

February 25, 2018
Kendall you're explanation is right
February 25, 2018
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