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tan yun wen
have you forgotten about her? or forgot

afternoon guys,

this is the conversation between two guys talking about one of their ex-girlfriend, and one of them is asking the other one, " have you forgotten about her?". Is it correct to say so? or it should be " have you forgot about her? both sound ok for me though i think the first one might be grammatically correct. 

does anyone has any idea???

Feb 25, 2018 9:11 AM
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With the present perfect tense, you have to use the past participle. The past participle is "forgotten".

There are many regional variants of English in which speakers exhibit this phenomenon of using the past tense as though it were the past participle. Do not copy them. It is very bad grammar.

For example, don't say:

"She's went to bed"

Instead, say:

"She's gone to bed."

Don't say:

"I've did some shopping today".

Instead, say 

"I've done some shopping today."

Don't say"

"I've took my son to the park.

Instead, say:

"I've taken my son to the park."

February 25, 2018

In the US we have native speakers who never use the correct form of the past participle when they are using the present perfect tense.  They must have grown up in homes that didn't use those verb forms either.

Instead of "Have you eaten yet?"  they will say "Have you ate yet?"

Instead of "Have you ever gone snorkeling?" they will say "Have you ever went snorkeling?"

February 25, 2018
The correct (standard) form of the past participle of "forget" is “forgotten.”  Occasionally native speakers (on both sides of the Atlantic) use non-standard forms. Note that the past participle of “get” is “gotten” in American English, and “got” in UK English. Nevertheless, I’m fairly sure the past participle of “forget” is “forgotten” in all varieties of standard English. Note also that all past participles not ending in -ed originally ended in -n, but that the final N has disappeared from some and not others, for some bizarre reason. There are actually quite a number of common verbs with alternate past participle forms. Rarely, it makes a semantic difference:

The stockings were hung.
The murderer was hanged.

Saul has shined his shoes.
The sun has shone all day.

February 25, 2018

Hi there Tan Yun Wen! 

Thanks for the question. It's a little bit confusing, because sometimes in US English, forgot can replace forgotten as a past participle. However, as a general rule "forgot" is past simple, where as "forgotten" is a past participle. So the correct version to be on the safe side would be "Have you forgotten about her?"

Hope this helps! 



February 25, 2018
thx for all of the info, it's  really helpful!!!!
February 25, 2018
tan yun wen
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