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Do you pronounce the 'r' ? ... Some Do and Some Don't

Below is a short list of words that are pronounced with the letter 'r' and also pronounced without the letter 'r'.

Do you pronounce the 'r' (in parenthesis) in each of the following words?

Many native English speakers do not pronounce the 'r' -- some do, some don't

Both pronunciations are accepted (and noted in some dictionaries).

English Learners

1  Go to the Vocaroo website to record your pronunciations:

     Here is a link to show you how to use Vocaroo (if you need it):

2  Copy the URL link to your recording and paste it into your discussion comments

Native English Speakers

1  Please feel free to provide your assessment or comments for improvement of any of the English learner recordings and pronunciations

2  Also please feel free to record your own pronunciations of the words and post the link to your recording in your comments

3  If you do post your recording, be sure to tell us where you live/what geographical area your accent is derived from










My recording - Canadian accent - First with the 'r' and second without the 'r'


Feb 25, 2018 1:24 PM
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February 25, 2018

Trying not to be either specially careful or specially careless:

"Edgar Allan Poe wrote dark, obscure horror; but Stephen King writes a brighter, clearer, horror."

Grew up in a (rhotic) suburb of New York, have lived for decades in the vicinity of non-rhotic Boston.

February 26, 2018

Interesting Statistics

English speakers who pronounce the /r/, include

Scotland (5,000,000)

Ireland (5,000,000)

United States (325,000,000)

Canada (37,000,000)

TOTAL = 372 million

English speakers who do not pronounce the /r/ except before vowels include

England (54,000,000)

Wales (3,000,000)

Australia and New Zealand (25,000,000)

South Africa (5,000,000 = 10% of the total population)

and some parts of the southern and eastern (popultion unknown)

TOTAL = 87 million


February 25, 2018


If you discover a way to understand what Scottish people are saying, please tell me.
I love their accent, but sometimes it is difficult to comprehend what they're saying, even though it is English (I think :)
Of course, no offence intended... just having some fun.


If I heard someone say "libary", I'm sure I would recoil in horror. It would just sound so very very strange to me.
Thanks for your great comments.


Thank you for your lovely recording.

I like your recording more than my own.
I'd bet you would do a great job of recording an e-book.
Thank you so much for contributing to this discussion.

February 25, 2018

"clearer horror"

a recital by Richard of Canada

February 25, 2018
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