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How the music comes to your mind? This is the most popular question to genius of music.
What do you genius ideas come to our mind?
Have you ever felt something like that on exam or when you wanted express your thoughts in poem?

Thank you 

2018年2月25日 18:17
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Once, and only once in my life (so far), a complete poem popped into my head instantly, beginning to end, rhymes and all. I don't want to complain about my muse, but I am afraid she is really not quite of the first rank. Here it is. At the time I'd been attending a social group that met in Easton, Massachusetts at Borderland Park. This nature preserve and house museum was historically connected with a famous and wealthy family named Ames. Adelbert Ames is the name, both of a Civil War general, and a famous psychologist who devised the "Ames illusions." You've probably seen the "Ames room," and perhaps the Ames "trapezoidal window" illusion.

There once was a room with pictures in frames,
And one was a portrait of Adelbert Ames.
Now Adelbert Ames had an eye for the dames
But was true to his cutie, sweet Jennifer James.
And when it got dark, they'd court and they'd spark,
And make love in the forests of Borderland Park.
He built him a room, all twisted and skew,
And when people walked through it, they shrank and they grew.
He built him a chair that hung in the air,
But when you got near it, it just wasn't there!
And if you keep very still, and stare at the flames,
You may see the ghost of Adelbert Ames.

Unfortunately, my muse thought "Adelbert" was pronounced "AY-del-bert" and really it is pronounced "uh-DEL-bert."

That's why the Greeks had the idea of "muses" (goddesses who gave ideas to creative artists).

It is one of the puzzles and miracles of human existence that ideas "pop into" our minds. 

Science-fiction authors complain of frequently being asked "Where do you get your crazy ideas?" According to Isaac Asimov, a writer named Harlan Ellison liked to answer this question "From Schenectady. They have an idea factory and I subscribe to it, and so every month they ship me a new idea."

The great American writer, Jack London ("The Call of the Wild;" "White Fang;" "To Build a Fire;") could tell a story wonderfully, with great "strength of utterance," but had difficulty coming up with ideas. He even got into trouble over accusations of plagiarism because of it. "The Call of the Wild," for example, had too many parallels with an obscure book, "My dogs in the Northland" by Egerton Ryerson Young). Interestingly, at one point, he actually had an arrangement with a young writer who created and sold plots to Jack London. The writer, Sinclair Lewis, later became famous in his own right ("Babbitt," "Main Street," and lately I've been re-reading "It Can't Happen Here.")

Clearly, we have a lot of mental activity we are not conscious of. I think part of the process of growing up is for the conscious part of our mind to give up the idea of being in control, and to get on friendly and trusting terms with the part of our mind that the ideas come from.

The writer C. S. Forester, who wrote a really wonderful and entertaining series of novels about a fictional naval captain named Horatio Hornblower, said that to him, writing was like using rope to lower a plank of wood into the ocean, and hauling it up from time to time to see what wonderful mosses and barnacles and seaweed had grown on it.

Yes, many times I had thoughts suddenly where I was or whatever I do I immediately write down to not forget but not as Prose poem

In English, we spell "Evrica" as "Eureka!" (Usually with an exclamation point after it.)

Thank you Dan Smith. I thought Jack London had a very noticeable different style of writing. "White fang" is so well written story. I am struggling to recall something else like that right now.
Maybe for every idea or music it is a proper time. Interesting thought. ..
Once I was on math olimpiada. I did everything and there were only the last few questions, which I couldn't solve.  I decided to stay in the class room at the end and think think think, was trying to use different formulas. Finally, just changed the place of numbers and woooooo Evrica! Don't know how it happened. ))) a good feeling though. ..
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