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Learning Article: What’s The Most Effective Language Learning App? Answer Inside

Discuss the Article: What’s The Most Effective Language Learning App? Answer Inside

What’s The Most Effective Language Learning App? Answer Inside

An italki efficacy study was conducted by researchers from Queen’s college and University of South Carolina and the paper was published earlier this year. It was discovered that just 19 hours of language study on italki is equivalent to a semester in college!

Feb 26, 2018 12:00 AM
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I’ve just double checked my numbers, and it appears that in the US, college courses are 15 weeks, typically with a mere three contact hours per week (total of 45 to 48 hours). If students choose the right italki teachers, they should certainly be able to achieve two semesters’ worth of progress in 20 hours.

Additionally, the cost per class hour in a US university is far higher than what the average italki teacher makes. On italki, you’re just paying for personal, one on one instruction, not a prestigious piece of paper or a research budget.

March 2, 2018
I am perplexed. How many hours are included in a college language course in South Carolina? Does anybody know? Maybe I am a bad student but I didn’t have as much progress on Italki as described in this article.
February 28, 2018
Let me be blunt: What you describe is simply bad teaching. Obviously, your teachers gave you what they believed you would want, when they should have given you what you really wanted and needed. My private students always progress rapidly, so I can tell you from experience that if a student isn’t progressing at least three or four times faster in a private lesson as in a group, the student needs to find a teacher who knows how to teach. That is the main benefit of private lessons. 

March 2, 2018

I actually like the structure that college courses provide, especially at the elementary level. At the elementary level, I don't find private lessons more effective than group lessons (as long as the group is small enough); in fact, on the whole, I find private lessons less effective. It's a different story at the advanced level. I think that's because language teaching/learning at the advanced level requires less structure anyway. 

Unfortunately, you're quite right about the cost. It's quite a bit cheaper to get private lessons on Italki (even from "expensive" teachers) than to pay for one college course in the US. (And that's not because college instructors get big paychecks. It's because the money gets spent on other things.) So, in terms of value for money, Italki is certainly far better. 
March 2, 2018

I agree with Aliph's queries and apparently, the study was funded by italki.

February 28, 2018
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