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Will you leave your good salary and start up? Will you leave your good salary and start up?
Feb 27, 2018 8:54 PM
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I did it in the past (more than 20 years ago) and am glad I did.  Some people want the security of a salary. For me, the ability to make my own decisions about what I do, how I do it,  and when I do it, are all more important.  It was a risk, but I now I make more money with less stress than I would working for any company in my field.  
February 28, 2018
Hello Everebody,
When I see explanations like " I will, but my children... my health... my bills..." I clearly understand that you're not ready yet to start your own business. When somebody really decided to run business, he don't look for answers why he can not, but he look for how he can begin the business or something. "I can't start, because...", this formula blocked your brain and you will obviously fail. So, if you think this way, unfortunately, you waste your time and deceive yourself. Life hardly ever gives us even a day without having any problems. We need to understand - we must do whatever, despite the circumstances.
Why I dare speak about it?
Because I know it from my own experience. Many years I work as a worker at the factory and waited for the opportunity... It was my greatest mistake and I admit it. Now I have my own small business during 9 years. I can compare my life beforehand and after.
But also I know exactly, not every person will do it. People tend to do nothing and blame anyone except himself. Well, it is their choice and their way of life.
My best wishes to all people who never gives up, who wants to reach their goals, who moves the world, not only chatting:)
February 28, 2018

@Roy Fong,

I think the difference between my answer and Dan´s is because the way you phrased ¨start up¨ is a little ambiguous.  I was assuming you meant ¨start up a business¨ or go into business for yourself.  There is also the term ¨startup¨ used as a noun for a new business where you might still be an employee. (Dan and I both assumed your error in the writing was different: I assumed you did not complete the idea and he assumed you added the space.)   Whether you are the only owner, a partner, or an employee, a new business is more risky than an established one.  However, some types of businesses, like my little solo professional private practice, do not have such big startup costs, have barriers to competition due to licensing requirements, and have higher rates of success. Technology startups, like the kind that employ engineers are usually much costlier and much riskier.    

February 28, 2018
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