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Alexander Botschek
Teaching children not the classical way?

Hey Guys, 

I am going to start studying English at university next year and I am a passionated language learner. My method is, like many other's, total Immersion and extensive listening. It works quiet well for me and, of course, for many other polyglots too. 

My question is now, if there are people out there, teaching children in school using a "non-conventional" learning method and if it is useful.

I would like to hear your opinions on this topic.
Thank you.

Feb 28, 2018 12:57 AM
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Hi! I'm curently studying a master of education, so I'm teaching some classes in a school. In my case I can tell you that it has been a shocking experience, because in Spain we have a terrible education system. It's difficult to teach children in an unconventional way when they lack basic knowledge. However what I do is to use culture to teach the language. It may sound basic, but here it's something that it's not done at all. So instead of giving them random sentences to practise how to use reported speech, I use those sentences to teach them history as well. If you connect them and make a history lesson with them, they are not just learning grammar ( as well as including pictures such as memes, they always help to make them not lose attention). Our biggest problem here is the obsession tests have for grammar. In the end you have 30 children that know the rules of present perfect, but are unable to have an informal conversation and use that rules. Moreover you have to get to know your class first, and try as many things as you can. Not everything works with everyone.


February 28, 2018
Alexander Botschek
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