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What is the best thing of traveling for you? In my case, I can define it by saying that the best things are: become more tolerant, adaptable and flexible. 
Feb 28, 2018 2:20 AM
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When we travel to different corners of the world we can learn and see a lot (landscapes and monuments). We can notice the differences that exist between different countries and how people life. For me it is interesting.
February 28, 2018

I think travelling, and meeting people from different places in general, has made me more realistic. I've learned a lot about the world. Before I started travelling I had some idealistic views and thought the world was beautiful and all the people were nice and friendly. I'm not really sure if changing those ideas was a good thing though.

I enjoy walking around and sightseeing. Especially beautiful nature but also architecture I haven't seen before. And being physically more active than normally at home.

February 28, 2018
The overall experience of traveling is always a joy, but if I had to pick something specific, I would have to say walking around the neighborhoods and talking to local people. Yes, sightseeing is pleasant, but sometimes, nothing beats striking up a conversation with someone from the area and learning from them firsthand.
February 28, 2018
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