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Does power corrupt human mind?if so why?
Feb 28, 2018 4:11 PM
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I think that power tends to corrupt the human mind, sometimes and depending on the person. Studies have been found where human behavior is analyzed, where it is demonstrated that those people with a low status who are assigned high-level roles lead their subordinates to develop tasks that may even be humiliating for the person. This behavior can be due to when a person obtains a high degree of responsibility, they can lose the control their actions due to the stress that new commitments trigger, and for the difficulty to develop the new functions entrusted, so by not knowing what is the correct way to handle to new position and the new staff, can lead to change the way of thinking of the person who has acquired a new degree of power. Another important factor that is acquired along with power, is money, by obtaining an increase in money people can feel superior to those who have less economic resources for which there may be similar changes in their thinking, as in the behavior in front of other people and especially in front of their employees. I think that one way to prevent power from corrupting the human mind is to increase it gradually, for example, if it is a job, it is convenient to give a higher position to the employees in a progressive manner and at one to the time, so that the person acquires greater responsibility and greater power gradually.
February 28, 2018
if you're guided to the wrong path and not knowing what to do yea it probably makes you do things that would harm others

but if you're led to the right way and the path you should be at

then thats obvious ,you know what ya doin'

and the thing is when you're in thats when the greed come in

u know?

February 28, 2018

Power is tricky because it presents us with a dilemma; there is always more power to be had, and more influence to be had over more and more people. With influence and power comes the responsibility to use it for positive outcomes (one should hope!). We would like to think that our political structures at least award power to people that will use it for good. Our economic strucures however tend to reward people for behaviors that are themselves negative: greed, exploitation, and the shortsighted misuse of the planet's resources for gains in the next fiscal quarter. So the more power we give to a system that rewards exploitation, the more we can expect it to use it to further achieve its goals.

It's human nature in the sense that we respond to incentives - if we get rewarded for doing something, even if it's negative for the planet and appears to be 'corrupt' from a societal level, the most powerful structures of our society reward these behaviors. Multinational corporations use huge financial incentives to keep their employees happy and rewarded - it's these benefits that keep the 'corruption' going.

That's power on the macro scale - and it can also be discussed on the micro scale, on the individual level.

The individual repsonds to power in different ways, whether it's power in personal relationships, at work, or in society in general. Our upbringings most likely heavily determine how we will act when we achieve influence over the lives and outcomes of people and resources. If it corrupts us, in the sense that it makes us act with negative behavior patterns towards ourselves and others, then it's likely a result of not having the psychological tools to deal with the responsibility that comes with the influence. Of course it can be learned, and we must hope people are receptive to changing the way they handle power to use it with positive outcomes.

February 28, 2018
Because I think that this world only teachs that the happiness is in the money, in be better than others...
February 28, 2018

 LOVE of Power definitely corrupts someone. But POWER of Love doesn't!

Unfortunately, we are not able to use these two words in their actual respective places which in my view should be the second one:)

February 28, 2018
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