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Tuấn Anh
Please help me with English grammar.

I tried to translate from Vietnamese to English. Please help the fix it if there is any mistake. I don't know if there is any conjuntions missing or redundancy of "s" or anything else. Pls help me! Please help me to use the correct words in the most formal way they can be. Thanks

[Maybe you have not known: Black leopard is not a species of cheetah.

“Black Panther” (Leopard) is also the name of the highest grossing film at all international box offices. However, black leopard is not like what we think about them.

To be more precise, black leopard is not a a separate species of leopard, but the word “black leopard” is generally used for black cats. The black fur is caused by a particular gene which adjust black pigment in fur.

This gene is popular in Asian and African jaguar and puma. Home cat, however, is not affected by it.

According to research, the colour of the fur appear because of the redundancy of melanin, the pigment takes responsible for sunburn marks. Especially, the fact that black leopards have black fur does not mean that they do not have spots. It is only that they are hardly to be seen.

According to Patrick Thomas, when black leopard’s fur expose to sunlight, these spots can be easily seen. At a great distance and eclipsed, the leopard is completely black. Although this species is rare, they are very popular in Asia rather than in Africa.

We often conclude that having black fur has many advantages in hiding and hunting but in fact, it is not.

The spots is,actually, easy to camouflage while a block of moving black colour will be noticed by others. That is why zebra-fur tiger, jaguar and  clouded leopard are hard to detect while hiding in bushes.

Moreover, big cats, including black leopard go out to hunt both day and night if they are hungry. In the daylighting condition, the zebra and spotted fur will be harder to detect. Although other species of cats also have chances to have black fur, tiger and lion are not of them.]

That's all. Please find mistakes and comment. If you know Vietnamese, it would help lots more. This is the original article:

Thank you all.

Feb 28, 2018 4:33 PM
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Ask comment is good enough. Please!

March 2, 2018
i can't correct it, only add comments.....
February 28, 2018
Tuấn Anh
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