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It’s never too late to start learning Russian

I found this encouraging and interesting video about 91-year old Mary Hobson who started learning Russian at the age of 56 and now is translating Russian writers:

In this video she gives some tips that are useful for learning other languages as well.

Feb 28, 2018 5:48 PM
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She's awesome! Thanks so much for posting this, Miriam. :-) 

Here's a video of her speaking Russian: 

February 28, 2018
I know about her)))) her Russian very well
February 28, 2018
I love her! Way to go Mary!
February 28, 2018


That‘s great to have it confirmed by native speaker that she indeed reached an advanced level. Thanks!


I‘m glad that you liked it as a fellow learner. Yeah, especially because Russian is said to be difficult, it’s good to know that perseverance goes a long way.

February 28, 2018
Miriam, thanks for sharing the video. It's very inspiring and helpful to know that we can all continue learning- no need to become discouraged and give up. As a Russian learner I found it very interesting.
February 28, 2018
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