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How did language arise?
Somebody might come and tell me how language arose ! 
Mmmm... We actually don't know when the first human language was created , but philosophers and linguistics have come up with numerous theories of language origin.
▪ The divine origin of language : according to this theory , language is a gift from God to man.

a. In the Bible , for example,  we read the following : 
And out of the ground the Lord formed every beast of the field , and every fowl of the air , and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them : and whatsoever Adam called every living creature , that was the name thereof. ( Genesis 2:19).

b. In the Qu`ran we read the following : 
And he taught Adam the names of all things;  then he placed them before the angles and said " Tell Me the names  of these if ye are right.'' ( Baqara: Verse 31) 
==>>> Perhaps the language spoken by Adam was some sort of universal language that allowed him to communicate with all humans, animals and birds. This language underwent constant change as Adam's children went to different directions- and many words and phrases were added to it.
Feb 28, 2018 7:43 PM
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I believe in the Bible explanation, accordin to it, all human beings spoke a single language (most likely hebrew) but when God observed that they were trying go get famous and gain popularity, he decided to confound their speech so that they no longer understand each other and scatters them around the world speaking different languages. It´s an interesting topic.
February 28, 2018
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