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Mac Bull
Do you know how to say... ? (in Japanese 日本語)


Do you know how to say:

"I have so much homework! What a pain (in the butt)!" Japanese?


Okay, well here we go...


Here is the breakdown:

めっちゃ= This is the Kansai dialect 「関西弁 (かんさいべん)」 version of とても, meaning very (or "a ton"--as in this case) 
ある=This is the dictionary form of あります, meaning to have.
ねん=This is not 年(ねん=year), it is again from the Kansai area. It is like よ (I think), like あるんだよ which adds emphasis.
スゲー = This is the slang for すごい, which means:terrible, great, amazing, wonderful, dreadful
めんどうくさい  = This means: a pain, or pain in the butt. But the dictionary will give definitions of tiresome or
bother, bothersome. And it means that too, but it can mean "pain (in the butt)"--because it's saying the same thing.

Okay, so if you want to know the standard Japanese version (not Kansai Dialect), then I think I would say something like:


Got it?

Have fun using it.

Mar 1, 2018 4:50 AM
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Hello Nana,

Thank you for the comment and the kind words.

I am still working on my Japanese, always trying to fine-tune and learn more.

And yes! Kansai Dialect is AWESOME!

Thank you,

March 1, 2018

Hello Mac.

You know really well the Kansai dialect. I have that one. Some Japanese people like it but some of them are scared of it, especially people who live in Kanto region. I don't care of it though. I speak it anywhere I go. I love it.

March 1, 2018
Mac Bull
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