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Rakesh Kumar
" Holi " the festival of Colours of India (Happy Holi to all my italki members)


           Let me share with you something about this colourful festival of India.

Holi is a colorful festival which people of every religion celebrate with full enthusiasm and fun. Decorating with love colors, this festival opens the bonds of every religion, sect, caste, and sends the message of brother-feed. On this day, all the people forget their old gills and embrace hugs and gulal(Colourful Powder) each other. Play with children and young colors. This festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phalgun Mas(Name of a Hindi month). Several stories have been associated with Holi. Holi is burnt one night before celebrating Holi. A popular myth is behind this.Hariyankasyap, the father of Prahlad, and Prahlad is a devotees of Vishnu(Indian God). Hariyankashyap  considered himself to be God. He was against Vishnu while Prahlad a  Vishnu devotee. He ordered Prahlad to stop worshiping Vishnu when he did not obey his father then the father tried to kill Prahlad. Prahlad's father asked for help from his sister Holika(Name). Holika had a boon for not burning in the fire. Holika got ready to help her brother. Holika take Prahlaad with her and went to Chita(on fire), but with the grace of Vishnu, Prahlad stayed safe and the Holika was burnt to death.


This story indicates that there is a good victory over evil. Even today, Holi burns one day before of Holi, and the next day everybody puts gulal, Abir(Colourful Powder) and different colors on each other. This festival is a festival of colors.

On this day people wake up in the morning and go home to their relatives and friends with colors and play Holi with them fiercely. For children, this festival has special significance. They bring a variety of pistachios and balloons from the market one day already. Kids enjoy Holi with their friends with balloons and pitches. All people forget each other and mutually interact with each other. In the homes, women make dessert, gujia(Name of sweet dish) etc. one day before and divide them in their neighborhood. 

It's about Holi, the festival of Colours

Mar 1, 2018 2:17 PM
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