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hey just joined the group a minute ago ^^ There arent many people here i see. well let me introduce myself first of all I am Hana, and ofcourse i joined this group because i want to learn/improve my korean and in exchange in would love to help other with english as much i can. how about we all do a bit of introduction, and tell why we wnat to to learn korean. Well my reason 4 learning korean is simpl;e i just luv the language. and ohh uhh DBSK! (dong bang shin ki), ofcourse if you are korean you would know what i am talking about. anyways i should stop here. hope to meet some new people here^^
Feb 12, 2008 2:32 AM
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Annyeong haseyo yuribun! I'm Ara and I'm a Filipino. I am also interested in learning the korean language. I started wanted to learn the language 2 years before but doesn't have the opportunity and also i was busy then. Now that I started to study korean, i hope that all of us will help each other.

It seem that DBSK is the inspiratino of some people here in learning the korean language. kkkk.  I'm not korean and i am not a k-pop addict but i know them because of my friends that loves korean music. The korean language itself, for me, is interesting an also thier culture and everything. I also watch korean dramas and maybe because of tha i am more interested in korean language. I want to know more about korea and hope that someday, me, my friends and my family can visit there and stay there for a long time and expereince korea!


February 5, 2012
well, for me.i want to learn it bcause i want to live there and learn their cultures,make more friends of korea ppl & there r many things i wanna do there.and and i know dbsk:D.i have been to their concert last year actually.they are so fantastic!
July 7, 2008
안녕하세요 =)
Well, I do know DBSK, Big Bang, Boa, SE7EN, etc. but for me it was something else (^_^)
I discovered the korean language by watching a Japanese/Korean drama called "Heaven's tree". I was already studying Japanese and as I heard, it I really liked how the korean language sounded like, so I looked for more films or dramas or whatever in order to hear it more and from this i started learning it. Now I really love it and I'd like to make some use of it, I'll maybe become a french teacher there, or maybe a korean teacher somewhere else.. =)
July 3, 2008
Anyeong! $& $& $&For me, it is because Im very curious of the korean songs lyrics.  Im starting to like the tune of their music especially of the korean dramas.$& $& $& $&One thing also is because of my line of career.  I need to learn as many languages as possible. :)$& $& $& $&See you !$&
July 1, 2008
i am not korean bu ti know dongbangshigi. my name is jasmine and i am 17 i live in new york and i love korean everyhting. i want to learn really bad so please help me learn korean culture and language. kamsahamnida
July 1, 2008
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