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Good web site for vocabulary advanced Italian learning

Hi everyone,

    I am pretty confident in the level of Italian. Completed Domingo, and 90 lessons of pimsluer. I have reached, fluent in conversations, I've gone on dates where we didn't use English at all, I can read the news or listen to radio, but never fully understand and must look up many words etc. That being said...

I'm looking for some websites apps etc to build vocabulary, or listening drills. Beyond basic level. I speak with people frequently but seem to lack the vocabulary for novels, news, tv, etc. All the apps and sites im finding seem to be beginner to intermediate level.

 I feel like I'm stuck at basic conversational and I am looking to move to Italy, so this simply won't work.

Any suggestions? Always appreciated.

Mar 2, 2018 1:59 AM
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I think Adrianna gave you a good advice, you have to read a lot and write down all new words you match!

Try to read a simple book, for example "Il piccolo principe".

All the best


March 2, 2018
Building vocabulary can be done by reading or listening a lot! Make flashcards of new words you come across when reading :D
March 2, 2018
Great suggestions thanks everyone 
March 2, 2018

Suggestion 1: Have you tried videoblogs on YouTube? I watch this guy and he has some conversations/lessons completely in Italian with subtitles (if you need them).

this guy is also not bad...but he might not be your style

There are also a number of "Italiano per stranieri" with subtitles on the B1-C1 level, or you could simply try to watch any number of vids on YouTube in Italian about subjects that interest you.  Computers, food, travel, cars, video games, whatever....

Suggestion 2:  Memrise and Quizlet are two free sites where you can learn a load of advanced Italian vocabulary. But they are simply word compilations, and only sometimes do they have audio. However, there are some very, very good courses for idioms and turns of phrase in advanced Italian on Memrise. 

March 2, 2018
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