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Lisa Schroeder
What information do you have about California? I  live in California. I will tell you if your information is correct.
Mar 2, 2018 11:16 AM
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There's a hotel there isn't there? Apparently it's a lovely place. Plenty of room as well.
March 3, 2018

Garlic ice cream...

What has the world come to?

March 3, 2018

The land of fruits and nuts. Figuratively, and literally. :-) 


March 2, 2018
You can get suns and beaches anywhere. Big deal. 
March 4, 2018

 Wanda. You have to re-read what Mr. Zhang said. He was correcting a double negative that Mouin had posted. He used "anything" to correct Mouin's prior use of "nothing."  It through me for a loop too, at first, but in looking at it again, he was right and just correcting the grammar. 

Anyway, I live not far from you Lisa, so why the interest in talking about Let me just say I can think of quite a number of other places in the world (outside the USA) where I'd rather live.  A good number of them. Well, California has given us insanely complicated laws and rules on everything, divorces that cost $20,000 and take 4 years to complete, just for starters. Yeah, there are plenty of homeless people. Just step around them when they are lying on the street. That's entertaining. We've got the ridiculously untalented Hollywood. We've produced wonderful groups like Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple from San Francisco, which resulted in 900 or so people dying  in the jungles of Guyana, but that was way back in 1978, so no one cares anymore. So, now, San Francisco, rather than being a nice place, like it once was, has turned into a place for the super-rich google and yahoo folks from Silicon Valley paying $5000 a month to rent a one bedroom apartment or paying a million on up to buy a home, all the while sharing the place with homeless people sleeping on the streets. Yeah, wonderful place. Oh, and not to mention that Spanish language thing. You can't make a phone call without being asked if you want Spanish or English. Hit 1 for Spanish and 2 for English. Doesn't that drive you nuts. Yep, this place is insane. 

March 3, 2018
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