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Chinese books!!! Could anybody possibly help me with searching of Chinese books for beginners. What i'm looking for is any books with simultaneously characters, pinyin and english translation of text. I will be very greatful if someone could give me advice or link for downloading)
Mar 2, 2018 6:13 PM
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Don't have any books, but here are some apps with short stories:

* Du Chinese

* The Chairman's Bao

* Decipher

March 2, 2018
I also need to know !
April 5, 2018

It's for beginners. 

March 4, 2018

Oh, and I see that Aliexpress now has the Chinese Breeze series as well.

And I forgot one. The Mandarin Companion Graded Readers level 1. It doesn't come with audio, but the books are also written with a basic 'common words' vocabulary in mind, and also written for adults. Amazon seems to have them. I ordered them at a local online shop, so Amazon isn't the only shop selling them. But here it is:

April 5, 2018

@Calvin Pancras Babu

I've been looking for the same, and I managed to find some. 

I am ordering books from Aolifo. It's a German shop and since I live in Europe, shipping prices are decent. It might not be the case for you, but at least you can look at some of the series, and maybe find them elsewhere.

Direct link to the audiobooks:

The Chinese Breeze series is awesome. I can recommend it. It is written with adults in mind. It has a CD with 2 types of audio: normal reading speed, and slow. The stories are constructed with 300, 500, etc common words as a basis, and explains less common ones in footnotes.

I have yet to try the Practical Chinese Graded Reader series, since it starts at 500 words, and I am not at that level yet.

Then there 's the Chinese Graded Readers series. These are aimed at children, and especially the 300 word ones are kind of boring for an adult. They are also very short, with often just 2 sentences per page, and not that many pages. I haven't tried the 600 ones yet (not proficient enough), but those are mostly folktales and Chinese classics. I will love reading those. They are also a bit meatier, in terms of number of sentences per page. I will definitely go for them. 

I have no idea about the Pan Asia books. I haven't tried them yet.

Aliexpress also has Chinese books, but those are mostly aimed at children, almost never have a CD, and the books are quite expensive because of shipping costs (books are heavy). Most of the time you need to order a package of books and you can't just order one book. Just search for 'Chinese books' on Aliexpress.

April 5, 2018
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