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Janeel Abrahams
Learning in a Group

I've always had some skepticism abut learning in a group, while it is technically how we are taught in school ,being in a group outside of the classroom have always seemed difficult. It is however intriguing to be among persons with similar interests but the problem is effective interactions. What would be the goal? to make friends? to improve in the language together?

Communication is not my strongest ability and this turns me away from such group activities. I do, however want to join a group to study but I always worry if I'll only be slowing down the other members of the group.

Japanese for Example.

My friend invited me to a group chat on Discord but when I got added to the group and saw the messages,..... they were using Kanji. I'm merely a beginner and although I want to learn I don't want to hinder anyone's progress. How should I actively be apart of the group or any group learning (or activity)?

Please help me.Any suggestions?

Mar 3, 2018 12:07 AM
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Janeel Abrahams
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