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[Newbie Question] After being a friend, how can I share my Skype name without a tedious procedure?

I just joined in this community( yesterday. I would like to exchange Skype names with my friends each other without a tedious procedure like telling it by chat.

Does anyone know how to exchange Skype names/IDs each other seamlessly, conveniently, or effortlessly after being a friend? My question is whether or not there is a more efficient way to exchange those IDs without telling them each other manually. I noticed there is a box to fill in my Skype name, so I expected the authority to see my Skype name would be applied to my friends automatically, but it wasn't. 

By the way, I also noticed here was a forum only for language-related discussions. Then where is the right place to discuss this sort of general questions related to the usage of itself? I posted this question simply because I could not find any other places as such. If it is inappropriate, please let me know :-)

3 de mar de 2018 1:20
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Go to your friend's profile.  Click on Send Message.  Write the sentence "My Skype username is ______."

How is this tedious?

3 de Marzo de 2018
That information is provided for paid lessons with teachers and tutors.

My helpful advice to you is that even if there were a way for you to share your Skype ID with all your italki friends with a single mouse click, that would be a huge mistake. Here on italki, it’s important to get to know people naturally before expecting anyone to commit to an actual language exchange session. It’s all about quality, not quantity. I’d suggest you exchange a few messages with the people on your friends list (I see there are only three —that’s good), write some notebook entries, participate in discussions, and so on. That is probably the best way to meet worthwhile language partners. Welcome to the neighborhood!
3 de Marzo de 2018
Thank you for sharing your thought. However, what I expected when filling out "Edit Communication Tools > Skype" field under "Edit Profile" page was that once I allowed my friends to see my Skype ID in that field, my friends could have access or make a call to my Skype ID seamlessly by just tapping the field value on the screen without that sort of tedious chat, for example. 

My focus with this question was simply to make sure whether there was a more efficient way or not, rather than how tedious the chat was. If that Skype account information is not used for calling a friend directly from italki app, what would be the reason to fill in? I am still confused. Maybe I guess that information can be used only for teachers to call over the students in a class, etc, although I haven't found any such official statements regarding its usage.
3 de Marzo de 2018
I really appreciate both of your comments, Phil and Chris! Your answers made my confusion completely disappear. Indeed before getting your advices, I have felt a sort of paradox in terms of the app design that they are encouraging us to fill in my Skype account but at the same time, they seem they don't utilize it for instant Skype name exchange between partners as I said. But finally with your help, I ended up understanding how even such a process at the beginning was also important before starting a new communication :-D
3 de Marzo de 2018
You are correct, Hiro.  It is used to connect teachers and students.  After a teacher accepts a student's request, both people are automatically shown the other person's contact information.
3 de Marzo de 2018
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