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TingKai (Kevin)
who should pay the college tuition        I know many American students pay the tuition after 18. But in my country as I know parents always pay the tuition for their kids to finish their undergraduate or even graduate degree. Do you have any comment about it.
Mar 3, 2018 8:56 AM
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In the US most parents feel obligated to at least try to help their children get through college.  I was upfront with my children that I could only afford a State College and not a private college.  Many US states have truly excellent state college systems, New York certainly does so going to a cheaper state college is still a quality education.

I encouraged my son's desire to join the military, a short stint in the US military has benefits to help finance education.  I am glad he did not have to work while at school, and he graduated without any school debt, which isn't easy in the US.  His wife has some debt, but she has a good job as a teacher and they are paying it off.

My daughter goes to State College part time.  It is slow but she is still unsure of her life direction so it works for her.

I would say most graduate work is paid for by the student in the US, usually with expensive school loans.

March 3, 2018
in my country the process is also same as yours. even though I hate this system but I have no choice. because as a student I can't work anywhere or there isn't available place for student to work & run their study, & another reason is lengthy education system.
March 3, 2018
TingKai (Kevin)
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