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i see myself in everyone i meet , i suggest we all the same have a very slightly differences !
Mar 3, 2018 10:49 AM
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I think I understand what you mean.

You mean that you see "a part" of yourself in everyone you meet.
That is a nice way to say that all humans have similar lives, needs, desires, and fears.
For example:

- we all need to eat
- we all have happy times
- we all have sad times
- we all have good health sometimes and sometimes poor health
- we all want to have peaceful lives
- we all love and we all cry

So, in many ways, all humans are similar.

March 3, 2018
I partially agree. Often it happens to me that I find many common grounds and similarities with people that apparently are very different from me. I believe this is the best thing about the differences: if we don't go over the surface we'll never discover what we have in common with another person, he/she will just seem too different from us.
March 3, 2018
I can't agree. How many people would agree that a serial killer is only slightly different in mental makeup than they are? 
March 3, 2018
it is deeper than that guys not restricted to the way u laugh the way u speak, it touches on our emotions toward things, our feeling toward bad &good things ,i think it's jus a Primitiveness regardless your religion or  belief , And the things that make those slight differences back to the way we've raised on ,the surrondings of people and nature :)
March 5, 2018
March 3, 2018
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