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Hy everybody, 

I'm ghizlane from Morocco, and i really want to speak fluently english langage. I use frensh langage all the time, at work with friend, but i don't have an opportunity to improve my english langage as i want. Any suggestions! Good one ! :) Thanks

Mar 3, 2018 2:41 PM
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Think in English and translate what happens around you to English

Practice English at every opportunity with natives or learners, both can help you a lot, practice even with beginners in order to overcome your shyness during speaking

Listen to new videos on YouTube ( I prefer TED channel ) 

Enhance your grammar skills to be able to structure correct sentences

You will see remarkable progress with no doubt
March 3, 2018

Hi Ghizlane! My name is Annisa, and I am from Indonesia. Nice to meet you on this sites.

Same with me, to prevent it, I usually listen to the conversation, and then, I usually read English Text, and the most important (for me), I join the English class at the night (after school).

I hope, my suggest can help you to reach your ambition to talk English fluenty :D

March 3, 2018
Hi Ghizlane i hope you improve your english but by the way its good as i see :)
March 3, 2018
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