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What's the difference between their, they're and there?

What's the difference between them, they are and there? I think very similar !!

Could someone take my question?
Mar 3, 2018 4:50 PM
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"Their" is a possessive form of "they". He -> his; she -> her; they -> their.
Example: "This is their car."

"They're" is a contraction of "they are".
Example: "They're going to school."

"There" is an adverb to talk about a place that's far from the speaker. It's the opposite of "here".
Example: "I moved to the United States and lived there for five years."

"There" can also be used as a pronoun to introduce the subject of a sentence.
Example: "There's a loud noise outside."

March 3, 2018

Their is a possessive pronoun. 

"This is their house" = They own the house.

There is a locatiive adverb, and describes a location.

"He is standing over there." = He is standing somewhere different to where the speaker is. 

They're are is a contraction of the pronoun they and the verb conjunction are.

"They're sitting on the wall." = They are sitting on the wall. 

March 3, 2018
If you refer to pronunciation, they are pronounced the same.
March 3, 2018
Well, it is different by its meanings. For example:
1) Their : I promised to help with their homework 
2) They're ( they are) : They are twins 
3)There : I need to go there later or It's my home there
March 3, 2018
They're all pronounced the same. Their pronunciation is identical. There is no difference in pronunciation.
March 3, 2018
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