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Carlos Barrios
i want to learn english. i have a intermediate english. I would like to find someone who knows speak english and i could teach you speak spanish . We could do a exchange language!! on skype or whatsapp whatever.
Mar 3, 2018 6:15 PM
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the more advanced you are, the harder it is to find a language learning partner. Sometimes there is no other way but to find a professional English teacher. This usually costs money though.

We can of course talk in English but I don't feel confident enough with my language abilities to teach someone else at intermediate level.

March 3, 2018
Hi! My name is Amber, and I am looking for Spanish language exchange partner. I am also learning German, but finding it hard to find language exchange partners who speak German. I would love to work with you on your English, and you can help me with my Spanish. Feel free to contact me!
March 3, 2018
March 3, 2018
Carlos Barrios
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