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Kinds of faces (feelings you get from a face) Hi all, I want to write an article about different type of faces ,let me clarify my intention by types of faces.Some people look kind even if they don't smile,some look serious or aggressive.I want to know more in English .How do you classify faces ? I don't mean oval face,round face classification...but the feeling you get by seeing a woman /man . 
Mar 3, 2018 6:18 PM
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Do you mean a list of adjectives to describe facial expressions?

Some positive words..... sympathetic, kind, friendly, empathetic, open, cheerful, joyous, warm, passionate, sincere, trustworthy

Some negative words..... scornful, sarcastic, vicious, grumpy, embittered, sulky, insincere, devious, stubborn, untrustworthy

March 3, 2018


A ¨poker face¨ is a way to describe someone with the ability to keep from giving away what they are feeling by their non-verbal expression.  In poker, it is useful to dissimulate and a ¨poker face¨ is part of this. The best poker players have to be able to hide their true feelings and ¨bluff.¨   

March 4, 2018
We have many sayings about this ,that everyone shows his feelings through his face for example the mean one is clear on his face or she has quiet face which it means that she has kind heart

Or she has surly face means she's unfriendly

but I don't agree with this ,actions clearfiy the real feelings

March 4, 2018
Thank you  @Susan 
March 4, 2018


Thank you for the list .Well,somewhere I read that " he has a poker face" I wanted to know how people describe the faces .Thank you again .

March 3, 2018
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