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Vita Gnevko
请看看我的汉语作文!我要用这些字:餐厅,吵架,坚持, 脾气, 惭愧 今天晚上妹妹给我介绍了一个昨天的故事。她昨天去了餐厅吃饭,在餐厅里他遇到了一个朋友。这个朋友的心情不太好,因为他没通过了考试。她对我姐姐发脾气。我姐姐坚持保持安静,因为她理解她的朋友。但是他开始了吵一个架。一个小时后他感到了很惭愧,他向姐姐道歉了。现在他们恢复关系。
Mar 4, 2018 4:17 AM
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“坚持”has a similar meaning with“保持”. So it can be more suitable to keep just one.

“安静” means a silent environment in chinese. In this sentence you must want to express that your sister didn't want to be angry.

So "冷静” can be more correct in this way , which means a silent emotion rather than silent surroundings .

Secondly ,"吵架”means that both of them are willing to abuse each other. So this would be a contradictory expression based on "your sister kept silent."

March 4, 2018
Vita Gnevko
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