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Advanced 2nd or 3rd Language Speakers


For those who speak their 2nd or 3rd language at an advanced level...

When did you realize that you could understand foreign language better than in the past?

When did you feel that you spoke with much more ease?

What do you think helped you get to that level?

Anything more specific than "keep practicing speak and keep practicing listening"?


4 mar 2018 05:22
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I was in Germany for 10 months as an exchange student. Long before I went, I had a German rock album that I listened to a lot. There was a song which has a longer part in spoken (not sung) German, but I never understood a word although I had had German for 2 years in school.

After coming back from Germany, I played the album again one day -- and I was shocked! I could understand every single word in the song as clearly and easily as if it were English. What had been total gibberish only 10 months previously was 100% understandable. That really showed me how much I'd improved. I couldn't believe it!

So, I'd say it's all about immersion. You can do that from home, too, but it takes a lot more work and diligence. 

4 marca 2018
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