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Hossein Askari
Think of bonds What sort of similarities do you perceive between countries, people, cultures, religions, ... in the whole world that can make a common ground for friendliness not animosity? Do you know of any?
4 mar 2018 05:21
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I'm not into the idea that we need to be similar to be able to bond. Sure, we have some similarities, but everyone is different in different ways, and diversity is beautiful. We need to learn to be more open-minded and accept that we don't have to be the same as each other to be able to empathize with each other.

We all have different experiences and different personalities, and to me, it's a lot more beautiful to be able to step out of our own worldview for a few seconds and try to see how other people see things. This is how deep bonds are formed, whether between individuals or between nations and cultures.

I don't want someone who is like me. I want someone who is different from me and can teach me a new way of looking at life. I don't need to have the same experiences as someone or share the same worldview as them for me to put myself in their shoes.

4 marca 2018

Personality typing. Like the Meyers-Briggs types that are based on how all humans prefer to behave. If you understand all 16 types and how the different cognitive functions work, you can gain a huge understanding of any and all individuals you meet and will be able to communicate and work with them much better, no matter where they are from. 

I say much better, not perfectly. That is a big step towards the acceptance of everyone as only another configuration of yourself....and therefore understandable and a potential friend. 

4 marca 2018

Based on experience I've noticed that all of us have a certain framework of thinking about the world and this framework is usually culturally conditioned. People who have high levels of openness to different experiences and knowledge as the important trait of their personality are able to perceive the world from different perspectives and change their opinions. In everyday life, people are usually dependent on information that is served to them and they don't have time or they don't want to open their eyes to other possibilities how things can be perceived.

If I look for similarities between cultures I see them all over the world, except that ideology, religion, sources of information, media and general knowledge that we learn in school usually have higher impact in our thinking and decision making.

It would be great if we were able to change paradigmas of thinking into those that are more real and will serve our needs.
5 marca 2018

Chizuko, Abdullah thanks for sharing your different views.

Yeah, we need understanding, accepting and patience. Also differences can make people sit at a table and have a dialogue with each other. However, as we see the world is stressing too much on the differences to the cost of forgetting commonalities, that's what I had mostly on my mind.

Waiting to see from other parts of the world.

4 marca 2018
When I was young, like Abdullah wrote, I liked people who had different aspect from me. But now I'm in my 50's, I like to talk with someone who has something in common. I don't know why it has changed. 
4 marca 2018
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