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Daniel shen
Religion and science Actually this question has puzzled me for a long time.

In my personal study life, I was always told that everything could be explained with science. So there was never a god or any other supernatural being in this world .

However, i have seen that many outstanding scientists have a religion belief. Some of them even pray for everything they earn.

So what do you think about ? Do you consider that religions and science are contradictory?

Mar 4, 2018 6:35 AM
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Any intelligent person knows how terribly ignorant they are. It's only the ignorant and the limited who think they know everything. 

Shakespeare said "There is more in heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy". That means we will never know everything and those who think they have it all figured out are wrong. At best, they only have a small piece figured out.  

If a scientist has religious feelings or prays, they might just be communicating with All They Do Not Know or How Everything Works. That does not seem to me to in compatible with being a scientist.

In fact, it might show that person is actually more intelligent and a more innovative scientist than their colleagues, because they are allowing for "things not dreamt of in their philosophy". They are not limited to what they can see, touch or sense, they are allowing for the fact that the incomprehensible exists and have respect for it. Whatever they personally want to call it. 

It also seems to me than many science-oriented people have simply replaced traditional religion with 'the religion of science", which has dogma, rules, traditions, etc. itself.  The only difference is that in this new religion, all scientists are the saviors of mankind. They are the heroes who will create miracles. That's people trying to take on the roles of demi-gods...and as we know from many ancient stories, that always ends up in disaster. 

March 4, 2018

I think, this is a very interesting topic to discuss, but not allowed by Italki policy. Actually, a year ago or so, a similar discussion poped up and after a long fight was removed by Italki. 

At last a great discussion, Daniel, but I don't think it will take long time until it disappears. 

March 4, 2018

It's a beautiful answer

It's said that people can be divided into 4 periods in their life. In the first period , they don't realize that they don't understand ; secondly, they realize that they don't understand. As they begin to respect everything and study , they become bright whereas don't realize that they have understood . And subsequently they know that they have comprehended what they like to know.

There are still countless secrets in this world . And all we have to do is meeting our ignorant as well as keeping studying .

March 4, 2018
Daniel shen
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