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Thierry Ams
Need to ameliorate my pronunciation

Hello guys,

I am from cameroon (French speaker) living in Qatar. I have tried to eliminate the french accent in my english without success. I am in a habit of watching english movies or listen to radio or anything/ conversations related to english speaking just to ameliorate my situation.

Can anyone help me or give me any suggestion in order to eliminate or reduce the french accent that appears while i speak english?

Thank you in advance...

Mar 4, 2018 11:14 AM
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Also i forgot to mention that you should sing along to music!
March 4, 2018
Hi Thierry,

I think there are a few things you can do. You can watch videos on youtube specifically for pronunciation (there are tons). Record yourself practicing the words the people in the videos are teaching, and then play it back, and compare the sounds. Really notice where the differences are and work on those spots. Im not sire what your specific challenge is, but there are alao tongue twisters for people who have problems with s or with th for example, that you can say over and over again. There are also youtube videos that show you the exact physical requirements (what your tongue should be doing, for example) that might help you understand the mechanics. Also, sing along to music! Every little bit helps and it is definitely possible to improve pronunciation, it just takes time. Dont give up!

Hope this helps,


March 4, 2018
Thierry Ams
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