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Talking about books and emotions ... What kind of books do you prefer or what sort of books do you enjoy reading, horror, science fiction/non-fiction, fantasy, thriller, historical fiction, adventure, romance? What's your feeling when you are reading a book, What is your favourite book? Do you prefer e-readers/e-books or traditiconal books? Do you think that book indurstry will change in the future? What will happen to bookshops and libraries in the future?
Mar 5, 2018 10:46 AM
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I love reading books that are interested in thought, cultures, books, biographies, philosophical, political, novels and real short stories. If I read a book I love it and enjoy it very much I feel as I owned the whole world this feeling is very nice and comfortable, I prefer traditional books but unfortunately I can not get it nowadays I had a large library in my old house. I have kept them since my childhood, but I lost them all, so I no longer want to get traditional books. The book industry has really changed and is changing. Most people are relying on ebooks for their ease in this time of speed though Their love for traditional books,
March 5, 2018
My opinion in the notebook section.
March 6, 2018
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