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Have you ever coined a new word ?

There is a level of language learning in intermediate where you start to become creative with the language. You experiment with words and phrasing, seeing what works and what doesn't. Sometimes, you can even coin a word ( = create a new word)! Here are two of mine....

In German, the phrase "Keine Ahnung" means "No idea" and the phrase "mir schwant etwas" means "I'm starting to get the feeling that..." I've put these two together and created "Keine Schwanung", which means "I don't know and I really couldn't guess, either.

Example:  Do you know what 3% of 7,8322 is? Keine Schwanung! 

In English, I've created the term "Bastardovitch" which takes the Slavic suffix -ovitch meaning "son of" ( but sounds like the English word "bitch") and added it to "bastard".  

Example: That bastardovitch just stole my bike! 

Have you ever coined a term or a word either in your own language, or in one you are learning?  Tell us about it and what your word means!

5 мар. 2018 г., 11:17
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Yes, of in my Aleppo dialect  I made a lot especially when my mom was a live to write to her without anyone could understand what we’re saying 

I made my new family name ((Owaykn) is mixed of my father’s family name (owayeed)and my mother’s family (Yakan) name and It became my trademark lol and my friends call with it

I also made(ghabeet Bashkerèe) literally means I swallowed a towel but I made it to say to mother that I’m not safe or there’s someone is annoying or hurt me is with me 

My mother made ( Kamyèe) she made from Mamyee which means food but it’s said only for kids who are under 5 years 


5 марта 2018 г.

Yeah, I used italki-mates here to show that all members of this site are like classmates who are learning languages and they need to help each other. :)

It was in this thread:

5 марта 2018 г.

Some days ago, I thought of a word to use in my comment to one user who wrote that Chinese people know Kung fu and Karate, so they should not be worried about goons on the street or something like that... but I didn't put my comment, but let me use that word here: "It would be quite ignorant to "bruceleetise" all the Chinese people just because Chinese movies depict Bruce Lee doing Kung fu and Karate all the time!"

Here is a thread by Alan you may find interesting:

5 марта 2018 г.
Seems, English speakers only remember about gender neutrality until they start swearing:-E Bad guys are always guys.  Well, i'm content. Fair ladies and bad guys.

I have... I don't remember a particularly good example... But you know, there is such a thing: sometimes you think of a certain combination of sounds and feel, it must be a word in certain language. I remember I thought about certain short words and was immediately sure they must be present in Irish. I loked up for them in a dictionary and immediately found.

With English the word I like the most is a typo. I typed "witherwise" instead of otherwise. It sounded somewhat spooky and felt like a word that could be in English. Indeed, there was such a word in dialects, in various meanins. I think, more than one in various sources. E.g. counter-clockwise... I dont' remember, in Google books there was an old (19th - 18th century) book about customs and superstiotions in various regions of Britain.  This or another book discussed this word too.
5 марта 2018 г.
@Berengaria It means I don't give "a shit" about something, and I pronounce it as "shit one". I like to use it with other words, as well. I normally use it as sarcasm.
5 марта 2018 г.
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