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Could you imagie life without a watch? Hi. Time is an inseparable element of life. For example: we start and finish work at specif time and we are planing a meeting with friends a specific time. So we're somehow dependet on time. Time managment is very important, often a key to success. Some of uns may be under time pressure. How do you feel? As in the question - Could you imagine life without a watch?
Mar 5, 2018 2:10 PM
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Just buy two watches and you will have enough time)))
March 5, 2018

 I never actually wear a watch, although it's very important to me never to turn up late for anything, be it a dental appointment, a drink with a friend, or horror of horrors, a lesson on italki...I'm usually 20 minutes early, hoping desperately that the Skype connection will work.

In recent years I've become very interested in Mindfulness and 'Present Moment Living' and would recommend Eckhard Tolle's wonderful book 'The Power of Now' In particular he makes a distinction between 'clock time' and 'living in the present moment'. Clock time is what we use to organise our routines, plan ahead and survive in the modern world. Otherwise he suggests that most of us spend most of our time/lives  living either in the past or future, while the present moment constantly eludes us. If you think about it neither the past or the future are real, and the present moment is all we ever have or have ever had.

Both of these states represent an unwillingness to accept our 'life situation' and are linked to regret/ 'things were so much better then' (past) and the hope that once we solve all our problems, then life will be 'fine' and we can start living (future). Instead of accepting where we are now, we would prefer to be somewhere else (past or future), and this is a recipe for stress and discontent, as it is never going to happen. Today I feel much calmer and more accepting of myself and the world in general.

You can check ET out on Youtube where he has dozens of videos if you don't fancy reading the book, which is easily accessible as a PDF file from all good booksellers.

March 5, 2018

no watch - no way to tell the time - no way to know if I'm late for anything - therefore, no need to rush - and no need to think of an excuse for being late  J

Easy for me to say because I'm retired, so I only need to know if the sun is up or the sun is down

Good topic Rose 

March 5, 2018
Absolutely, if you're talking about a watch that one wears. I have never in my life worn a watch. Now I have a mobile phone, but I don't normally have it on me. I do have a clock at home (and a computer, whose clock I normally use) -  I do need to know the time. But I have managed just fine without wearing a watch.
March 5, 2018
I used to wear a watch everyday, but for the past year or so have relied on my phone or car clock. So far no missed appointments or late arrivals. 
March 5, 2018
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