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Is there "son of" in your name?

In many languages "son of" is used at the end of sb's name to show their ancestry or just as a suffix in their surname.

In Farsi, we have "پور pour" meaning : son, but is used in the surname for both boys and girls.

What about your language? Do you have such a case in your country?

Mar 5, 2018 4:23 PM
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Well, 'son' is not technically in my name. However, for years I thought that it was. It's my father's fault. He use to say things like "Son, you'd better milk those cows or I'm gonna make you wish you had." 

March 6, 2018

The 'Mac' in my second name is from Scottish Gaelic and means 'son of'.  Most surnames in Gaelic use this construction.

In Gaelic itself, there is also a 'daughter of' (Nic), but it wasn't retained in English.    This annoys me a lot, because my name is from a Norse personal name which meant 'ugly', so in English my name translates as 'son of ugly'.  At least in the Gaelic original, I got to be 'daughter of ugly'. :D

March 5, 2018


suffix -ić is used to make diminutive of a noun and in this case it's diminutive of a name. It shows belonging to someone. Like "ptica" has "ptiće", Jovan has "Jovaniće". It's very descriptive actually. :) 

Some nouns have origins in male names and they denote son of someone. On the contrary, there are names that have origins in female names. It's assumed that those, who have female name in a root of their last name, were raised by a female as a head of the family because father probably died. 

March 6, 2018
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