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Natalia St-Va
What do you think about strong succesful women?
I’ve just watched an interesting interview given by Meggy Kelly, one of the most famous journalists in the USA. 
Here is the link:

 Perhaps many people in Russia and all over the world might know her as a person who conducted the interview with Vladimir Putin in July 2017. She is obviously a highly professional, strong and beautiful woman, whom I admire a lot. 

At the same time, I find myself sometimes thinking  that perhaps, even successful and self-confident men can't overcome their fear to communicate with these kind of women. Thus, such "power" can influence negatively a woman’s personal life.  

It’s still a dilemma for me. I was brought up "in a controversial manner". My mum, who used to be strong, successful and beautiful, told me that woman has to be independent in all ways; however, my brother considered that as a wrong view. He thought, I had to be a girl the first of all , to be strong emotionally but stayed behind a man. I loved them both passionately. And here am I:) Not easy. 

Being in my age, I know where is my balance, but it had taken me so long time. (I would ask people who know me if they can guess where is my balance:-) )

What about you?  

Do you think my mum or my brother were right? Or if being less personal, do you think women have to be strong or not - and where is the line? 

If you are a man, am I right claiming that it could be challenging to communicate with a strong woman? Why? Would you be proud of your wife if she is this kind of woman?

If you are a woman, would you like to be ( or maybe you are) a strong woman? I mean obviously, not inside. I mean being tough sometimes and etc. Where is your balance? 

Thank you 
Mar 5, 2018 4:50 PM
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A strong woman is my bubbe (grandmother) who left her abusive, alcoholic husband in the 1950s, with two young children in tow, even though "nice Jewish girls" didn't do anything of the sort, especially in the 50s. 

A strong woman is my best friend who has chosen a relationship with traditional gender roles, to be a stay at home mother, and to home school her children even though she could have a successful career.

A strong woman is my sister who is married to the person she loves instead of to the person that society thinks she should marry.

A strong woman is my mother who ran my father's business, raised three children, and went back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse when I was in middle school.  

A strong woman is Hilary Clinton who has pursued her aspirations after a lifetime of supporting her husband's goals.  

A strong woman is also Melania Trump who basically gives zero Fs about fulfilling the traditional role of the First Lady.

A strong woman is someone who knows their mind and follows their path in life, regardless if that path is one of traditional gender roles or not. If you are confident in who and what you are, you are a strong woman. It has nothing to do with being a b*tch. 

For me, it's important for me to be financially, emotionally, and physically self-sufficient. I would never want to rely on anyone for my money, my self-worth, or protection. Nor would I want to define myself solely by the fact that I am married or that I have a child. Motherhood is important,  but so is having a career. Not every woman wants to be married or to have children -- are they lesser people?

I was raised to be able to take care of myself and I take pride in that. I love my husband, but if he left me tomorrow, or G-d forbid passed away next week, I'd be able to figure things out on my own.  I'd love to be called a strong woman. 

March 6, 2018
I think about strong and independent women the same as I think about strong and independent men. I highly respect them.

I think both women and men should be strong, but strong doesn't mean overly dominant and aggressive.

Surely, it will bring more success at work, but being independent is also crucial for a balanced relationship. I really like the book "The Passion Trap: How to Right an Unbalanced Relationship" by Dean C. Delis and Cassandra Phillips. It shows the importance of being independent in a relationship, as if you focus too much on the family and don't have your personal life, it may lead to an imbalanced relationship.
March 5, 2018
Wolfy, I gave you an upvote for the fact that you see cleaning and laundry as a men‘s job. I love cooking in my kitchen and gladly take care of the kids if the husband does all the cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, buying groceries, running errands, taking care of the garden, etc and that all next to earning enough money to provide for the family. What a great and thoughtful husband you’d be! :)
March 6, 2018

I resent the idea that the fact that I have a certain set of chromosomes lets society dictate what role I should fulfill. Why are women supposed to fit into certain beauty standards? Why are women supposed to stand behind men? I resent this idea. I don't need my husband to kill a mammoth for me. I can do the hard work myself. I don't need to depend on him financially. 

I wholeheartedly agree with Sarah's post. I'd take being called a strong woman as a compliment. 

March 6, 2018

I appreciate my wife very much, and I think she is a strong woman. 

Together we share roles in several small businesses we own.  It works well because I am an early riser, at the office at ungodly hours, she likes to work late.  We also have contrasting strengths.  I am better at numbers, she is better at record keeping.  I have more industry knowledge, she is good at planning.  We both have good industry contacts, but from different perspectives.  She has good instincts about people, I'm a better people person.

I am glad she is strong, it is tough to be a small business man. I am lucky to have her.  :-)

March 6, 2018
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