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to manage complaints

I work in hotel so I often have to manage complaints of upset guests. My main problem is with guests that don't speak very well english or have particulary accents. My English is not very well so I panic when I see a foreign guest shouting to me.

Did you ever had this situation? How did you have manage it?

5 مارس 2018 17:54
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my department is the same as you, and this's one of the reasons i learn english to deal with this type of situations :)

just be confident and try to make your conversation short and simple between the guest , plus on that you have to listen to songs and watch movies with different accent to improve you listening skills, this will help you to deal with any guest with different accent.

i hope i helped ^^

5 مارس 2018
if there is no problem with prononciation, accent is not so important Jessica, most of English speakers have their own accents and if you focus to learn English in your business which is tourism, it's could be better for you. Guests usually complains about specific things, for example ; my minibar is empty, wifi is not working bla bla, so you will be used to hear these complains slowly.

I worked as a reception trainee this summer and experienced situations like this. First times I asked my supervisors to help me,used advantageous to be a trainee :) but after a month I'm used to fix guests problems.
5 مارس 2018
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