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Influence of your favourite writer on you One day in Cornell University V.V. Nabokov had a lecture of russian literature. He switched off the light and closed a windows. It was absolutely dark in the audience.
Then he switched on one lamp and said: "This is Pushkin"
Then he switched on a table lamp and said: "This is Chekhov"
Could you guess how the teacher described an influence of Tolstoy in a great literature?
and why?
Do you have a favourite writer? What is the most interesting thing that makes her or him different from others?

Mar 5, 2018 6:19 PM
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It is a question of taste. Tolstoy is only in second place in this list.

I think "Faithful Ruslan" by Georgi Vladimov is an excellent book.

March 6, 2018
Interesting, that the teacher compared Pushkin with only a lamp, and Chekhov with a table lamp. But when he opened the window and the sun's light comes to the audience he compared that light with influence of Tolstoy. As a beautiful refreshing light, Tolstoy was famous by his interesting way of thinking and after reading his famous works, there is maybe no compare. 

March 6, 2018
Yes..Sergey..maybe you are right..but his way of teaching I like very much. I like when teachers use an illustrations and examples. It is really touching student's heart. More too, I agree with that description of Tolstoy.He deserves to be the light in that example, didn't he?
March 6, 2018
It was Nabokov's opinion only, nothing more.
March 6, 2018
Actually I didn't pay any attention to reading at all before starting my English learning journey. But I started to read a little bit and I discovered that I was totally mistaken because I realized that reading is something priceless and precious. So I started reading short novels to William Shakespeare I guess as I remember. I love reading about anything I am interested in even if the writer of it is anonymous 
March 6, 2018
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