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Varities of English

Can you tell me a word that has the same meaning in two different countries but it's written or pronounce in a different way? For example color (USA) x colour (UK). I'd love to know others examples of varities of English from people from South Africa, Canada, Australia, India etc.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 6, 2018 2:54 AM
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Almost everyone else in the Anglophone world, such as Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and India,  follow British norms; it's only us Americans who spell words differently.  Wikipedia has a detailed page which explains the history, rules, and exceptions to the rules, as well as detailed word lists. (

March 6, 2018
 You can look in Webster's dictionary and compare words with Oxford one . 
March 6, 2018

Americans pronounce some words ending in -ile differently

e.g. docile (sounds like dossle)

mobile (sounds like mobel)

March 6, 2018
Center and centre have two different meanings. A centre is a physical location  such as a hospital centre or command centre in the military. Center describes the middle of a thing. 

Some other examples between British and American would be defense and defence,  
Neighbor, neighbour, with the same difference in such words as flavor, color. As someone else pointed out there is a good article on the British vs America  spelling 
March 6, 2018

Hello, Rejane!

There're som examples of different words

centre (Br.) - center (Am.)

tire - tyre

licence -  license

Fill out the form - Fill in the form

March 6, 2018
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