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Ghaleb Alarifi
Morning person

If you morning person, please tell us how do you feel and behave.

what is the advantage and disadvantage of to become a morning person.

Mar 7, 2018 5:08 PM
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First of all, when you wake up early, you go to sleep early too)) and that is very good for our healthy. For example, our organizm cleaning itself  exactly in 10p.m.-11p.m. only if a person sleeping on that moment. So you look better, you feel better and so on..
Also...birds, and nature in general wakes up very early. Maybe that is a good example for humans too..
Most of all I like wake up early in the morning, because when I have done all things in the morning, rest of the day is free for other things. 
March 7, 2018
I love Dawn more than other times I feel it's peaceful time however I wake up and sleep very late because of my insomnia
March 7, 2018

Hello :) actually we're  all have a biological clock in our body which can regulate our bedtime, wake up in the morning,Hormones release,etc..., so if we come back to our natural selves we always go to bed at about sunset  and wake up at sunrise  like any other animals.  you know we are a kind of animal actually :) but we can change this clock by doing something different for along time...

So advantage are : your body doesn't get in to trouble because you obey what your body wants, you have a lots of time to do any thing you want, you look better and more energetic cause you are healthy and so on... 

Disadvantages: I don't know :) 

At the end, if you want to get up early you have to go to bed soon and if you are not a morning person it takes time to regulate your sleep habits... But don't worry you can do any thing you want if you really want it :) 

Wish you all the best 

March 7, 2018
I have no other option, since I work in the morning too. The advantage is that it is healthier because I sleep early too and I am quite productive in the morning. The disandvantage  is that I have a limited social life, since I need to sleep and wake up early.
March 8, 2018
Despite of all the benefits of waking up early but I can't catch this chance due to the circumstances of my job that we start very late on some occasions so it's impossible for me to wake up early. 
March 7, 2018
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