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Gabriel David
London school test. There is any mistake?
These questions are from the London School level test. There is any mistake in my answers?

Complete each sentence with ONE appropriate word for each sentence. Contractions (e.g. "didn’t") count as one word.

1. ____________ is a good idea to learn one or two expressions before you travel to another country.

2. The theatre was closed last night ____________ to a fire alert.
3. If she had been more careful, she ____________ have had the accident.

4. Do you like my new kitchen? We ____________ it put in last week.
5. That ____________ be John at the door. He doesn't finish work until 5.30.

6. Nobody e-mailed me, ____________ they? I'm expecting an important message.

7. I'll meet you at 6:00 ____________ I have to stay late at the office. If I do, I'll call you.

8. Have you finished that report yet? No, I've ____________ just started.

9. ____________ the transport strike, I got to work on time.

10. In six months' time I'll have ____________ with this company for twenty years.

11. ____________ we need in this country is more money for education.

12. You ____________ pay for your ticket in advance. You can buy it on the day.

13. It's amazing. ____________ much money I earn, I never have any left at the end of the month.

14. My job is really ____________ me down. It's incredibly stressful.

15. Have you got any aspirins? I think I've got a headache coming ____________.
Mar 7, 2018 5:26 PM
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There is any mistake?

Are there any mistakes?

March 8, 2018
Thanks to does technically sound correct, however we only say "thanks to" in regards to positive things.

"The queen is loved thanks to her kind nature."

"Due to" is usually associated with more negative things, although it is interchangeable and can be used in regards to positive things too.

I'd stick to using "thanks to" for positive outcomes, though! :-)

March 8, 2018
I meant "due"! "Due to" would be both words put together - the answer is still "due"
March 7, 2018
1. Correct

2. Due to

3. Correct

4. Had

The rest are correct!

March 7, 2018

Oh! You're right! My mistake.

Despite that, is it too informal to say "The theatre was closed last night thanks to a fire alert"? Or it could be a right answer too?

March 7, 2018
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