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The subjects I consider that should be taught at secondary school

The aim of this essay is to suggest to maintain History and Art as obligatory subjects at school. I truly consider both subjects are so valuable and useful to develop students' minds and let them be aware, how powerful is the human being.

On the one hand, History would help them to have a better understanding of the present moment. Not only would they learn history from their own culture, but also about more international backgrounds. Having interesting and engaging history lessons will grab children's curiosity and desire of being the best version of themselves while looking up to powerful characters of the history.

On the other hand,  teaching methods must not be exclusively limited to theoretical knowledge. That is the reason why I find extremely important to instruct, even more, inspirational and creative subjects such as Art and Music. Giving them, might contribute in the kids maturing process: They should be allowed to express themselves with colours, drawings, music and theatre. All these activities change the sense of life, so as, their attitude to face problems, to be more resourceful, more sympathetic and emotional. It is needed to work in all these aptitudes also, to achieve better mental health. 

To sum up, generally speaking, at the schools young learners should study all these issues that would help to build great people: with full interest in their surroundings and the ability to know well themselves and what they are capable to do; to create their own exciting history. 

Mar 7, 2018 7:15 PM
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I think all young people should be taught about "personal money management and investing".

Too many people are in trouble when they retire because they have not saved enough money to pay for their living expenses.

For example:

Saving 5 dollars per month starting at the age of 20 until 60 years of age

1)  total invested $5 X 12 months X 40 years = $2400

2)  invested in a simple interest (non-compounding) investment at 3%/year = $2472

3)  invested in a compound interest investment at 3%/year = $4676

Paying off a debt that is charging 19% is better than investing at 10% per year, yet so many people just don't realize this. 

[I hope my calculations are correct]

March 7, 2018

Totally agree with you. I feel that I could have learned more arts, music, and history in school but unfortunately, I grew up in a period when maths and IT was a "hype" so I was somehow forced to go with the wave.

Two decades later, I'm working in a field in which I'm well paid but without liking what I'm doing and I envy those persons who are happy with their professions even though they don't make so much money.

And of course, I'm trying to catch up by learning how to draw, reading history books and...secretly desiring to have a musical instrument and learn to sing.

March 7, 2018
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