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This is my first week learning spanish! Can anyone help with my first simple phrases and scripts! Can anyone help me make sure these simple first few phrases/scripts make sense! There are a few concepts that i worry are probably lost in translation.

The first is pretty simple, i just want to be able to tell people where i am from and where i currently live. However, my family and i travel the world for work, so i worry that the concept of living here "for our travels" or living here "for travel" is not as simple as a literal translation. Here is what i have:

"Soy de Michigan. Perro vivo aqui Arizona por un corto tiempo para viajar"

The second similar. I want to tell people what i do for a living. I am an attorney working from home but i also am a stay at home dad. Again, i dont know if the concept or a stay at home dad makes sense as a literal translation. Here is what i have:

"Soy abogado y quedate en casa papa"

Thanks for any and all help i greatly appreciate it. And i appologize for how ridiculously beginner this is!

Mar 7, 2018 8:39 PM
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You could say:

Soy de Michigan, pero de momento vivo aquí en Arizona debido al trabajo que tengo.

I'm from Michigan, but at the moment I'm living here in Arizona due to the job that I have.

For your second sentence, there are several options for the prepositions you could use.

You could say:

Soy abogado y trabajo en casa. También cuido de mis hijos.

I'm a lawyer and I work at home (literally, it means "in" home). I also take care of my children.


Soy abogado y trabajo desde casa. También cuido a mis hijos.

I'm a lawyer and I work from home. I also care for my children (literally, it means I care "at / to" my children)


De momento = at the moment / currently

debido a = due to

cuido = I care for

cuidar = to care for

también = also

desde = from

de = of

en = in

a = to, at

March 7, 2018
Wanda i am very very excited for Santa Barbara. I can almost smell the ocean thinking about it!
March 7, 2018
Hi Brendan! Have you discovered duolingo yet? It's pretty much the mandatory app for complete beginners. :) Spanish is a lot of fun to learn, so enjoy! I'm going to let the natives figure out the sentences you were asking about, because we're in a power outage and I'm using my phone. I'm in Santa Barbara. It's unusually cold right now, but I'm sure it will warm up by the time you get here.
March 7, 2018

Hmmm.   First a caveat - I am American, so you would need to double check my advice.    But I think I would phrase it a little differently to be a little more clear.  

Soy de Michigan pero ahora estoy aqui en Arizona para un rato mientras estoy viajando.      (I don't have accents or tildes on my keyboard)   That would roughly translate to I am from Michigan but I am here now for a short while, while I am traveling.   

The second line is a little more challenging because it kind of contradicts itself.  I might try something like - 

Soy abogado y trabajo a casa asi que puedo cuidar mi hijo.    the grammar there is technically not perfect, primarily because i am trying to only use present tense in the sentence.   This roughly translates to "I am an attorney and I work from home so I can care for my child"  

Just a thought.  


March 7, 2018
Man thanks for all the great help guys!
March 8, 2018
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