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Let's talk about stereotypes.
Hello everybody!
Let's talk about stereotypes.
I wonder what's  the most common stereotype foreigns tourists still have about your country?
Which stereotype is true and which is false?
Mar 7, 2018 8:47 PM
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People think most Americans are fat and rude. We are.
March 8, 2018
Serbia is not Siberia. :D
March 8, 2018
No. I was not programmed to dance Samba since I was born.

No. The Amazon Rainforest is not in my backyard.

No. We aren't native Spanish speakers.

No. Our women are not easy for sex. Try to disrespect them to see what happens to your teeths.

Yes. Brazilians do care TOO MUCH about what other nations think about them.

March 8, 2018
Paul, from your writing, I do believe you are absolutely neither fat or rude but so far as my experience tells me, Americans are mostly self-centered and rude, they are more of individualism regardless of people around them. That is probably a symbol of American military power extending to many Asian countries. I talked about this point with a friend of mine in Australia. She also found such a phenomenon is prevailing around Australian primary schools. I guess that is an universal feature in so-called western value.

When Americans are meeting people from Asian countries where collectivism is more emphasized in the school, they are likely to overstate their competence and easily to dominate their language and culture with no purpose on some other people around them.  That is a way showing rudeness. 
March 9, 2018

No. Samurai doesn't exist anymore in Japan.

No. Japanese people don't "harakiri" which means to cut your body with a  sword to commit suicide. 

No. All Japanese don't love eating whales.  Some rich people might do but not all the people.

No. All Japanese are not workaholic. But most of the parents of baby boomers loved to work very hard to rebuild Japan after the war. The generation of baby boomers, who are retired now,  also worked very hard. 

Yes. Japanese people are very patient to stand in line for a long time for the relief supplies after disaster like earthquake occurs.

Yes. Japanese people love to be polite.

As a result, I'm not a samurai and don't harakiri, not eat whale meat, not work very hard. Of course, I'm very patient and polite.

March 8, 2018
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