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How do you use Social Media to improve your English?

I'm curious about how English learners use social media to practice their English.

Do you use Facebook?  If so, do you comment on posts to practice your written English (grammar and vocab)?

How about Twitter?  Do you post in English?



I think it is a great way to practice your English daily- a chance to write and use the vocabulary you are learning.  If you haven't tried using it, I hope you will!  

2018年3月7日 21:04
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I think All Social media could be very efficient and helpful !

And the most one is YouTube to me of course ,also italki it helped me a lot

There's an American lady has lived in Dubai for many years and she's fluent in Saudi Arabic her name is Shannon Elizabeth she has accounts on al most all Social media I have learned from her too

I'm learning Greek and have started commenting an Instagram account for Greek learners.  I find that often learners are too shy to comment on things...
Of course social media is helping me a lot to improve my English and I am truly grateful. Initially I started learning English using YouTube then I tended to interact with English learners and natives through italki. 
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